Engelska 9 – vecka 9

Welcome back after your winter holiday  break!'-Well,if you break your legs don't come running to me!'

Before the break we saw the filmInvictus depicting one of the greatest role models of our times, President Nelson Mandela. He stood up for the national rugby team, the Springboks which were considered the team of white South Africa. His goal was to make the team win the World Cup in 1985. He reckoned that this achievement could bring his racially divided country together. With the motto, ”One team, One Country”, the team succeeded in winning the World Cup against all odds.


  1. We prepare our role model presentations. Click here to get the lesson plan!
  2. Lyrics training.
  3. National test: Speaking –The World Around Us + bedömningsanvisningar här.

    Here are the dates for the English National Tests

    Speaking A week 11 ca. 15- 25 min/par eller elevgrupp
    Reading/Listening B 17 ons 22 april 2015 90 min + rast ca. 30 min + 45-50 min
    Writing C 17 fre 24 april 2015 80 min


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